“The music on the album is intoxicating. Most of the tracks are over ten minutes, all of them refreshing instrumental compositions permeated by razor-edge guitar work and deep space keyboards. With a strong drum-and-bass rhythm section, the lead musicians are easily capable of launching into dynamic progressions and melodies.” – Live For Live Music

“Memphis’ gift to the psychedelic rock world.” – Grateful Music

“I haven’t heard music like this in some time. The days of peace and happiness, where everyone of all cultures and races just flow together with good energy.” – Woodbangers Entertainment

“Agori Tribe, genre-wise, sits somewhere in the psychedelic ‘jamtronic’ bass-rock category, tinged with funk and embedded with a little of the classic Memphis blues.” – The Daily Helmsman

“As each song launches listeners into an aural adventure, no two people have the same experience.” – Grateful Music

“With a mixture of elements from funk, blues, reggae, jazz, psychedelic and rock music, Agori Tribe’s music has been compared to an exploding supernova of creative consciousness.” – The Daily Helmsman